The Roots of Defeat: The Clintons, Obama, and the Decline of the Democrats

The stunning defeat of Hillary Clinton by a man whose character flaws would disqualify him from serving as a city councilor brings into sharp focus the political weaknesses of the Democratic Party. Unlike journalism that focuses on personality flaws, this book explains the economic trends and political changes that led to defeat in 2016. At the center of the story is the Democratic Party, leaving behind its New Deal policies to embrace Wall Street and other wealthy donors, while neglecting the average American.

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Perils of Empire: the Roman Republic and the American Republic

Before the Roman Empire there was the Republic - 500 years of free elections, civil liberties, and conquering armies. At first the armies brought great wealth, then the Republic's institutions began to groan under the strain of running an empire. There were feuds, riots, then civil wars, and the Republic was gone. With U.S. forces in constant combat and new limitations on the right to privacy and on civil liberties being imposed by Democrats and Republicans, now is the time to look into the historical mirror and examine the perils for democratic institutions when republics acquire empires. To buy this book click on the Book Icon.

Perils of Empire book cover