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Free Trade leads to large trade deficits
March 18, 2018

Free Trade means big Trade Deficits for the U.S.

Before the 1830s, the idea of Free Trade did not exist. Every nation used tariffs and other barriers to prevent nations with more efficient economies from overpowering their home grown industries. For example, in the 16th century, England used tariffs...

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Trade War Pushing the World into Recession
March 12, 2018

Trump Opponents Offer no Solution for Trade Deficit

As you might expect, President Trump's new tariffs on steel and aluminum are as carefully thought out as his reasons to build a wall on the Mexican border. They are announced with all the bluster and bullying of the man...

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White Working Class Faces Unemployment
January 30, 2018

Winning Back the White Working Class in the Midwest

I discussed in my last blog post how Republicans have used racist appeals to the white working class since the 1960s. Trump is only different in his undisguised embrace of the tactic. However, we should be careful not to accept...

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