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Will young progressive Democrats vote for Biden?
May 5, 2019

Joe Biden is not the Most Electable Democrat

The Biden candidacy is based on a mistake - the erroneous impression that he is more electable than any of the other candidates in the Democratic field. This erroneous impression flows from journalists and Democratic voters forgetting the underlying dynamics...

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The Yield Curve predicts Recession in 2020
April 24, 2019

How the Yield Curve Predicts the 2020 Recession

The business press recently generated a lot of comments about the Yield Curve. "The Yield Curve is inverting they cried," and the specter of a recession in 2020 loomed over the White House. Trump immediately created an outcry by nominating...

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Trump Mafia Evades Probe
April 2, 2019

Trump Mafia Evades Mueller Probe

We should have known this was coming. As soon as Michael Cohen told us that the Trump organization worked like the Mafia, we should have known. Like dozens of previous prosecutors when jousting with mafia dons, Mueller couldn't pin a...

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