Trump Mafia Evades Mueller Probe

Trump Mafia Evades Probe

We should have known this was coming. As soon as Michael Cohen told us that the Trump organization worked like the Mafia, we should have known. Like dozens of previous prosecutors when jousting with mafia dons, Mueller couldn’t pin a crime on the Trump mafia.

Let’s fess up. I was wrong about Trump and his guys. You probably were, too. We thought the Trump group was a bunch of bozos who bumbled their way into the presidency. We thought they would be easy marks for a criminal investigation.

On the Edge of Legality

Instead, we now know that the Trump organization, like mafia clans, is a tight ship, with loyalty and secrecy an everyday aspect of activities. For most of his life, Trump has operated on the edge of legality, cutting corners in every way possible. The Trump mafia was built to cover up his manipulation of laws, lawyers, and other people. The goal, as with most underworld organizations, is to squeeze money and power out of every transaction.

We didn’t really understand this side of Trump. We were fooled by the clownish way in which he runs his administration. And there were the weird twitter rants at all hours of the day and night. When it comes to governing a huge country, the Trump mafia works poorly (even if the Republican Party is eager to help out.)

However, when it came to working with the Russians, the Trump mafia knew how to play their cards tight to the vest. The Russians feared that Hillary Clinton’s aggressive foreign policy inclinations would mean trouble for them in the Crimea and Ukraine. To stop that, they were busy trying to sabotage her campaign. How Putin and his mafia gang must have rejoiced when a fellow gangster, already well known to the Russians, became the Republican candidate.

Clues to the Truth

We have brief moments of clarity, where we see connections between members of the Trump mafia and the Russian disruption campaign in 2016:

  • The meeting between Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, and a Russian spy in June;
  • Trump pulling all mention of the Crimea and Ukraine out of the Republican platform;
  • Campaign Manager Manafort giving polling data to the Russians in August;
  • Trump secretly negotiating a giant skyscraper deal in Moscow right up until his election victory;
  • Trump siding with Putin vs. U.S. intelligence about Russian interference in the 2016 election.

While a pattern is obvious, Mueller could not build a legal case tying the incidents together – remember mobster Al Capone was finally jailed in the 1930s for tax evasion!

It was not all in vain. The Mueller investigation energized the media and consumed a great deal of Trump’s energy before the 2018 elections brought in a Democratic House. While his presidency is a disaster, he has not been as successful as we initially feared and the growing resistance to his rule was fueled partly by the knowledge of his selling out to Putin.

Fortunately, there are other legal investigations pending as well. Our task now is to ensure he doesn’t have the resources of the presidency to shield him when the indictments come down in 2021.

6 thoughts on “Trump Mafia Evades Mueller Probe”

  1. I never thought collusion could be proved. The Trump campaign wasn’t that organized to actually plan and implement a collusion. Trump set up collusion as a straw horse that would be difficult to prove and overshadowed all the other improper things he and his campaign did.

    While the Justice Dept. may not think there is enough in the Report to prove obstruction, maybe public opinion can conclude that he did try to obstruct once more of the Report becomes public.
    Then you will have to write another blog post.

    1. From what I have read, Obstruction is difficult to define. I suspect that Mueller was reluctant to claim obstruction on a sitting president without a smoking gun. And if there are hints of smoking guns, I bet they will be redacted.

    1. I believe the Southern District of Manhattan is investigating that and it has a fearsome reputation for prosecution.

  2. I like the the title: “Trump Mafia evades Mueller Probe.” It has a nice ring to it.

    I think you’re right about Trump and the 40 thieves. I think Voltaire said that powerful people are often idiots but remember that when threatened they are not idiots about staying in power. He ran into that particular buzz saw.

    What troubles me more is that there are more people in government than I thought who are willing to debase themselves or worse, enable a neo-fascist future all for a bit of temporary power. I really believe there is actually a Trump resistance among government workers but they are cut off from any meaningful access to the levers of accountability.

    For example, the recent leaks about the Mueller team’s chapter summaries and the existence of derogatory information concerning Trump in the report. According to the media, if they can be trusted, this information came from disgruntled staffers in both the Department of Justice and the Mueller investigators. Whatever Barr has done looks pretty bad right now.

    However, Trump’s stonewalling has been pretty effective to date. I don’t see how the House Democrats are going to pry tax and financial information not to mention a unredacted report away from the Administration before the 2020 election rolls around.

    1. We can now see what it means to have a Special Council reporting to the Justice Dept vs. reporting to Congress. The report goes to a political appointee who can redact “for national security reasons” anything really damaging. The Democrats are going to have to come up with an alternative, attractive political agenda to defeat Trump, the Mueller Report isn’t going to bring him down.

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