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Climate Strike as the Ocean Rises
September 26, 2019

Climate Strike: Running Out of Time

I participated in the world-wide Youth Climate Strike on Friday, September 20 and will continue to be active, bringing the challenge of Climate Change into the public arena. We are demanding immediate action to prevent increases in the earth’s temperature....

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Trade War Pushing the World into Recession
September 10, 2019

Trade War Pushing the World into Recession

A combination of political and economic events is pushing the world into recession. You recall that the bond markets first signaled an approaching problem when the Yield Curve inverted in May of 2019. Since then, the stock market has reacted...

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Low Wages
September 5, 2019

Low Wages Leave Economy Vulnerable to Recession

Capitalism has a flaw in its operating system. Karl Marx called it the problem of “Underconsumption.” He pointed out that each company tries to keep production high and wages low. Therefore, the value of the products produced are always greater...

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